[How to pickle salted olives]_How to pickle_How to pickle

[How to pickle salted olives]_How to pickle_How to pickle

Olives are more common in Fujian, Yunnan, and Guangdong in China.

Olives are rich in nutrients, including protein, vitamin C and other nutrients.

At the same time, olives also have medicinal value, such as clearing heat and detoxifying, and soothing phlegm and phlegm.

The ripe olives can be eaten directly, or they can be marinated to make salty olives. The taste is quite good.

So, how are salted olives marinated?

Let’s take a closer look.

Salted olive stewed conch materials Dried conch slices, salted olives, lean meat, clear water Practice 1, dried conch slices are softened with water, you can also use fresh conch or ring snail.

2. A few salted olives: Marinate the olives for a week.

3. Put all the ingredients in the stew pot and simmer for three hours. The olives are salty, so no salt is needed.

Salted Olive Beef Soup Ingredients Medicinal Herbs 10g, Atractylodes 10g, Poria 10g, Pickled Licorice 5g Ingredients Seasoning Salted Olives 2 pcs, Beef 400g, Scallion Moderation Method 1, Medicinal herbs and salted olives, washedClean, add 8 bowls of water and bring to a boil, then cook over low heat for 20 minutes.

2. Strain out the soup, remove the salty olives, cut into small pieces and put in the soup.

3. Cut the beef into small pieces and cook in the soup; add salt and season with green onion.

The efficacy of medicinal materials American ginseng, atractylodes, Poria and licorice are the main ingredients of Sijunzi Decoction.

American ginseng is used for invigorating the spleen and strengthening the spleen; Atractylodes and Poria is the medicine for invigorating the spleen, and has the function of protecting the spleen and stomach.

The spleen and stomach are strong, one is to increase appetite to strengthen digestion, and the other is to promote development to enhance physical fitness. It can also improve the girl’s poor complexion or pale face.

Doctor Ding Dong 1.

If you have inflammation in your body such as a cold, fever, or sore throat, you should not take the 6-course medicated diet.


In the first year of menstrual cramps, girls take the following 6 medicated diets for the best results, but remember not to take them during menstrual cramps.