[Do you eat catfish?]_ Hot gas_Hot gas

[Do you eat catfish?]_ Hot gas_Hot gas

Mom always feels that her child is too thin, and every time the child is at home, there are always a variety of soups tonic, and the catfish soup is the most common one.

However, many people think that catfish soup will get angry if you drink too much. This worry is not necessary. As long as there are no ingredients that are easy to get angry, such as pepper, it won’t get angry when you drink it normally.

This article introduces the nutritional value of catfish soup. Let’s take a look together.

For this problem, you can rest assured that you can rest assured that you can eat catfish when you get angry. Although eating catfish does not get angry, many people like to add some seasonings such as pepper to the fish when they are making catfish.It will cause anger, so if you want to eat catfish, don’t add seasoning.

Sex fish has a certain nutritional value. Some catfish have tender meat, sweet meat, and high nutritional value; their sexual taste is sweet, flat, warm, enters the stomach, and kidneys, and has tonic deficiency, dehumidification and beneficial water, and tonic deficiency.The effect of warming the stomach to eat and replenishing anger.

In particular, live carp soup has other medicines that are incomparable to breast milk.

Anchovies, winter melon, and anchovies boil radishes, which are not only delicious, but also good for longevity.

Medicine believes that catfish can benefit water and swelling, nourish qi and spleen, detoxify and lactate.

Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, less food fatigue, vomiting or diarrhea; spleen deficiency and edema, unfavorable urination; weak qi and blood, milk failure; blood in the stool, hemorrhoid bleeding, bloating, ulcers, etc.

Add scallion, ginger and warming table, Tongyang scattered cold and stomach, and peppermint to relieve wind.

The whole prescription has the functions of relieving the evil, relieving the wind and dispersing the cold, strengthening the spleen and relieving cough, and can treat the baby’s weak and chronic chronic cough.

[Application Examples]1.

Chronic nephritis: Take 1 live catfish, remove the intestines, and cut into traditional Chinese medicine sharks with large bean grains. Fill in the fish belly with red beans, fix with a wire harness, add water to the pot and cook until cooked. Do not eat fish, drink onlyTake light salt soup once a day.


Lower milk: Fresh anchovies, add water without salt to cook the soup, drink when the soup is milky, or eat fish.

Or fresh anchovies (about 100 grams), 1 trotter, a total of soup, seasoned meat and soup after cooked.

In order to enhance the effect of breast milk, can we add grass 6?
9 grams, or 6 grams of leaked reeds.


Hemophilia: Carassius auratus, add water and simmer with mild heat to make gel, 30 grams each time, use warm wine and water.


Hyperthyroidism: 1 catfish (about 500 grams), 4 pieces of tofu, appropriate amount of condiments, stewed and taken.

Once a day, even serving.


Bacterial dysentery: 500 grams of fresh anchovies are descaled and sliced. Two pieces of garlic are peeled and served with soup.


Dacryocystitis: 7 catfish gallbladder, 1 small cup of human milk, 2 flavors and evenly mixed, steamed twice in the pot to serve.

Eyes with medicine.


Feasible edema: 1 live catfish (about 500 grams), remove scales and intestines and wash, cook half-cooked, add 30 ml of rice wine, stew, eat fish and soup.

1 time daily.


Esophageal cancer: 1 live catfish is cleaned, 1 garlic is peeled and shredded, filled in the belly of the fish, sealed with paper, muddled, and burnt into fine powder.

3 grams each time.

Use 10 jujubes, 12
grams of Codonopsis, 6 grams of tan peel to make a serving.

Regular clothes are effective.


May cause vomiting: 1 fresh sturgeon (about 200 grams), 3 grams of ground amomum, oil and salt.

Clean up the sturgeon, mix with oil, salt, and filbert, and place in the belly of the fish; seal the belly with bean flour, place in a vegetable dish, cover the large bowl tightly, and steam over water.Or 1 catfish and 30 sticky rice?
50 grams, cooked porridge, eat breakfast and dinner.


Hong Kong Feet: Small catfish (smaller is better) burns ash on the tile and grinds it to the end.


Anorexia in children: 100 grams of catfish scaled and internal organs, mutton 50?
Slice 100 grams, cook with 15
grams of barley and season.

Chronic gastritis: catfish 1?
2 sticks, 50 grams of sticky rice, cooked with porridge.

Sooner or later.


Malaria: 150 grams of catfish are cleaned from the internal organs, and 6 grams of Su Ye leaves, 3 grams each of Calamus and Chenpi are cooked for soup.


Small intestinal kidney qi: 1 catfish, cooked with fennel.

Anal prolapse: 500 grams of anchovy, 24 grams of astragalus, 9 grams of fried scallion shells, decoction and decoction.


Pediatric measles is not smooth enough: stewed fresh anchovies with a small amount of salt, so that children can eat fish and soup.


Long cough: stew with brown sugar, served several times.

18 years old

Postpartum arm pain and cramps: 1 live catfish (about 250 grams in weight), cut into 2-inch long pieces, do not remove the scales, and fry the coke with incense

Drink 200 grams of hot rice wine after taking, and take a little sweat.